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What Captures Our Attention Tends to Control Our Life

Several years ago, Disney World executives were wondering what most captured the attention of toddlers and infants at their theme park and their main resort in Orlando, Florida. After all, if they imprinted positive memories in kids, they might embed a lifelong loyalty to their brand. Consequently they hired me and a cultural anthropologist to observe guests as they passed through and paused in the resort lobby, seeing murals, carpets, animated creatures, sweet-smelling snacks, colorful toys and more. It was planned as a weeklong study. But after only a couple of hours of close observation, we realized that what most… Read More

The Upside Of Trump-Evoked Name-Calling

After Trump called Marco Rubio a “low life,” “nasty guy” and “choke artist,” Rubio sunk lower. Citing Trump, he said, “You know what they say about men with small hands.” And Trump called Cruz “a little baby: soft, weak, little baby.” Unfortunately negative and bad name-calling and labels are more contagiously shared than positive ones, as you have undoubtedly noticed in this immersive, warped and ongoing reality show called the presidential campaign. The Argument Culture is on the rise again. Consider seeing the nasty escalation of political attacks – and heated reactions by the pundits -and many of us —… Read More

What To Do Before Happiness Happens In Your Life?

An elementary school teacher in rural Arkansas made a bracelet of charms of each student in her class so she could continually remind herself of how she cared about each one, and her passion for teaching them. The rest of the story is the real clincher for seeing that happiness can be a choice. She wakes up each morning with the painful fatigue that most face when they have the chronic, erratic and incurable disease, multiple sclerosis. Many would give up and quit working yet some don’t, as Shawn Achor shows in his new book Before Happiness. Why do different people in the same situation find a… Read More

Four Ways We Sway Others and Get Swayed

As the invisible gorilla test famously proved, we are sometimes blind to what’s happening around us, and oblivious to signs that sway us. To become more aware of how you are influenced by what you see and hear, and to get ideas on how to influence others, here are four nudges: 1. Give Them an Obvious Sign • When you see a path of big green footprints you are more likely to follow them to the public bins and throw your trash away. That’s what the Danish Nudging Network discovered. First they gave distinctively wrapped caramel candies to pedestrians in an area. Afterwards they searched nearby garbage cans, bicycle baskets and… Read More


When I was a reporter covering business trends and profiles of executives throughout Europe the stories usually fascinated me, yet I was often more struck by the off-hand advice of my interpreter, a young French woman. Amélie has become a lifelong friend, by the way. Becoming Besotted by You With great equanimity Amélie once suggested that I, “think of it as a fish biting the bait and getting the hook caught in his mouth,” when she was giving me her mother’s advice on romance. “Once a man is hooked on you he sees everything you do as adorable. He’s only seeking… Read More