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Make Your Praise More Memorable, Widely Shared and Long Lasting

My client, the CFO of a Berlin-based maker of wireless portal equipment had a rugged yet very successful third year of operation where all employees voluntarily worked long hours. Part of the way he wanted to collectively celebrate the company’s success was to hand out ten awards for different kinds of contributions. Yet, in addition to the usual way of celebrating the winners at an on-site company gathering he got an idea about how to make the recognition matter even more deeply felt and widely heard and shared. Here’s how. He confidentially spoke with a close working colleague of each… Read More

Four Tips For Creating a Credible, Quotable Comparison

1. Compare your message to something or someone familiar Examples: A Cuban, after apologizing because he could not offer his guests anything to eat, described the results of Castro’s Revolution: “The three successes were education, healthcare and sports. Three failures were breakfast, lunch and dinner.” “I call architecture frozen music.” ~ Johann Wolfgag von Goethe 2. Evoke a vivid, mental picture Example: “Ten times as much funding is devoted to research on the prevention of male baldness as malaria, a disease that kills more than one million people each year.” ~ Bill Gates on the need for creative capitalism to serve more… Read More

4 Ways To Say It So It Sticks In Their Minds

While the beguiling, expensive TV car ads featuring Shaquille O’Neal are warm and memorable, a cheaply made public service announcement I heard on the radio years ago has stuck in my mind as much. I heard it when I turned on the radio in my rental car. A halting, urgent-sounding older male voice began, “One in three women in Louisiana who are murdered (long pause) are murdered by their husbands. If you suspect that someone’s life is in danger, call now for help.” A woman said a phone number quickly, anxiously. She then repeated it slowly and calmly. The man added, “I wish… Read More

Make Your Message (Almost) as Vital as Air

Despite the millions already spent on one of the highest stakes campaigns now under way, what has either presidential candidate said that you remember? That’s what I thought. Darn little, if anything. How about you? Do people stop listening before you stop talking? Being quotable is essential to attracting more options into your life. Without it you may be rich, smart, hardworking, and even attractive and good hearted yet you are likely to lose to the person who paints a more compelling picture or story. To become the top-of-mind choice in your profession or market, make your message almost as… Read More

Unexpected Customer-Attracting Event Turns Bland Moments Into Grand Memory

I have a new column over at Forbes and the first posting covers some surprise events I co-created awhile back. I thought of them recently and here’s why. You have probably noticed that, when many people are waiting in line, they are often restlessly staring at their phones even if they are with someone. We noticed that one lovely summer evening whilst in a movie theatre line in Mill Valley. The air was fragrant with the scent from a nearby flower stand and there were several rather eccentric people passing by. Yet, we observed that there were as many couples… Read More