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Share In Ways That Make Us Proud To Participate

Why, exactly, did the famous #ALSIceBucketChallenge raise over $100 million within a couple of months? And what spurred people to support the challenge by creating more than 17 million videos that were viewed more than 10 billion times on Facebook alone? That contagious stunt, according to Shareology author, Bryan Kramer, involved a four-step formula for “making something crowdworthy.” Inherent in his approach was creating a visual vignette in which others can quickly picture a role they would be proud to play in it. Former movie executive and Tell to Win author Peter Guber calls this crafting a purposeful narrative.… Read More

What Role Do You Want to Play in Our Fast-Changing World?

The Law of Unintended Consequences is increasingly becoming the norm. From drugs to drones to data collection, things that are initially invented for beneficial purposes can be quickly turned to evil uses, often creating massive profits and destruction. What We Can Do as Things are Getting Worse and Better Our increasingly complex yet connected world is calling out for us to have a collective mindset. Why? Because bad and good can hit faster, farther, and from more places, initiated by more kinds of people more often as the cost of technology drops. These inevitable trends, that tempt us in many… Read More

Nudge Others To Share Even If You Aren’t DeGeneres

Sure Ellen DeGeneres sparked a most shared Tweet, a $3 million Samsung charity donation, a parody, and continuing, sometimes heated conversations. Yet even if aren’t a well-financed, likeable celebrity, you can also engage others, spread your idea and raise money. Here are three ways. 1. Enable Us To Personalize Our Participation Jump on an already trending story, offering a way we can get involved that is relevant, fast, simple and generates a feel-good emotion. Even better, let us personalize our participation. That’s what Slate magazine quickly did. After John Travolta mangled Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars, it seized the… Read More

Create The Ritual We Can Cheerfully Share

If a hotel can become famous for leading ducks across their lobby at 11:00 each day then certainly your business can become more well-known for some simple yet involving ritual that customers love to photograph and share with others. Make eye candy “first-evers” that attract reporters. In fact it’s surprising that so few businesses and other organizations see the power of memory-making rituals, and that we keep talking about the few that do. AFor example, instead of creating a new ritual a sister hotel simply imitated the duck walk. You can do better. 1. Think quirky As all actors know, a cute kid or animal almost always steals the show. For example… Read More

How to be Happier by Co-Creating a New Holiday Tradition

Some startled neighbors who were out walking or at their window yesterday asked why we were carrying a fully-decorated Christmas tree up our steep street in Sausalito. Upon hearing our story, Martin, Jim, Ingrid, Julia and Jacob, joined us, carefully picking up the fallen angel (haven’t we all fallen at some point?), wise man and blue bird ornaments along the way. The backstory began the previous evening when walking along the Sausalito waterfront with my friends visiting from Dublin and Austin. Looking over across Richardson Bay they saw the light shining on top of the hill on Angel Island. I… Read More