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Will You be Asked to Join the Team?

It’s only human to want others to see our good side especially when we want to belong to their group. Unfortunately the flip side of that attractive quality (our “bad” side) is what most sticks in others’ minds – once they see it. That’s a side effect of the Fight or Flight syndrome. We are hardwired to react sooner, more intensely and longer to a negative experience than a positive one. Worse yet, hot buttons we evoke in others are often blind spots to us. ”Michael, if you can’t pass, you can’t play.” ~ Coach Dean Smith to Michael Jordan in… Read More

Articulating Their Specific Talent Can Help Them Strengthen It

When I was a Wall Street Journal reporter, my bureau chief bluntly told me one day that I took too long when interviewing some individuals — and sometimes that was a good thing. I got insights about the interviewees’ views on other topics. He told me that, when I finished writing the story I was assigned, I should write notes about their answers to questions I asked that were not directly related to the story. Then in future stories, I might see where one of those interviewees had an unexpected yet relevant angle and quote them. In effect, my bureau chief showed… Read More

What Role Do You Want to Play in Our Fast-Changing World?

The Law of Unintended Consequences is increasingly becoming the norm. From drugs to drones to data collection, things that are initially invented for beneficial purposes can be quickly turned to evil uses, often creating massive profits and destruction. What We Can Do as Things are Getting Worse and Better Our increasingly complex yet connected world is calling out for us to have a collective mindset. Why? Because bad and good can hit faster, farther, and from more places, initiated by more kinds of people more often as the cost of technology drops. These inevitable trends, that tempt us in many… Read More

Want To Be More Influential? Become The Glue That Holds Diverse Teams Together

After seeing the anonymously sent photos of frightened women packed in the bottom of a freighter, destined for sex slavery, an ex-diplomat hastily assembled our team. We were intensely dedicated to find out who was profiting from the human trafficking – and to expose them. Three countries wanted to find out and so did my newspaper. Ironically, conflict soon cropped up within our team, as we followed the money trail, and almost sabotaged our work. Yet the ways we ultimately got on sync and succeeded may hold lessons for any diverse team. Our group also included a former computer hacker, ex-… Read More

See the Power of Teamwork and Play – in Entertaining Ways

Hear and see the beauty of teamwork in this gently corny video and this beautifully startling one. Then watch this contagious public dance and this huge singalong. Me to We in action can lift our spirits. Read More