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Want a Way to Get Out of Your Filter Bubble on Facebook?

A recent research finding by Morning Consult that only 5% of adults seeing social media posts on Facebook from those with a much different world view is recent sign of how social media can reinforce our living in “filter bubbles” – meaning a tendency to surround ourselves with likeminded people and ideas. Way back in 2013 I wrote in my Forbes column about Eli Pariser’s insight book on this topic. And in my blog in 2012 I cited his book and two others that warned of this tendency – The Big Sort and On Being Certain. According to the Morning… Read More

Why Become a Connective Leader in Our Complex World

“Diversity trumps ability” as a sufficiently diverse, large group of non-experts often outperforms a small group of experts,” found Future Perfect author Steven Johnson. In our increasingly complex, disruptive world, we will face more situations where we can benefit from calling on the so-called wisdom of the crowd. Thus it behooves us to have colleagues with very different work and life experiences, and from diverse professions and industries. Be aware of the mitigating problems of “social influence” so you can sidestep them. Secondarily, as a connective leader, hone your capacity to recruit and involve them to support you, as you would support them, and… Read More

Why Waiters Cried Serving Breakfast at the Conference

After a priest moved to a new parish he approached his superior to ask, “Would you mind if I smoked while praying?” and was, not surprisingly, turned down. Even if you, too, are an ardent non-smoker, it is wise to learn how to ask in a way that enables others to agree. For example, the priest might have said, “Would you mind if I pray while I am smoking?” Setting the context with your initial comments is akin to dressing in the fashion that the people you are going to be around will approve or even admire, while still being… Read More

What Role Do You Want to Play in Our Fast-Changing World?

The Law of Unintended Consequences is increasingly becoming the norm. From drugs to drones to data collection, things that are initially invented for beneficial purposes can be quickly turned to evil uses, often creating massive profits and destruction. What We Can Do as Things are Getting Worse and Better Our increasingly complex yet connected world is calling out for us to have a collective mindset. Why? Because bad and good can hit faster, farther, and from more places, initiated by more kinds of people more often as the cost of technology drops. These inevitable trends, that tempt us in many… Read More

Opportunity Makers Have Mutuality Mindsets

Like many of you, I passionately believe that we can live happier and higher-performing lives with others when we enable others to use best talents together more often. Hint: a mutuality mindset probably matters more than your smarts, money, title or contacts in this increasingly complex yet connected world. That belief is at the heart of my TED@IBM talk on September 23rd, which you can watch live: “The Web of Humanity: Becoming an Opportunity Maker.” I am in awe of the line up of speakers on “how to reimagine the world.” Here’s one method to spur greater camaraderie, serendipitous innovation and… Read More