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Create a “Hook” on Which Others Can Visibly Hang Their Ideas

“Doing something isn’t always better than doing nothing” and “The simplest rules create the most effective experience” are two of the six Laws of Subtraction advocated by Matthew May to accomplish more by doing less better. How cleverly involving of Matthew May to design the book that creates a “click moment” of recognition and response in others, according to Frans Johansson in The Click Moment. Thus he creates an enticing mental “hook” on which others can hang their related ideas. May offering just six interwoven pieces of advice to simplify our lives by letting lesser things go so we can do some things better.… Read More

How Millennials Feel About Friendship, Work and Having Children

What most shocked me in the often-startling twenty-year study of Wharton College graduates was that only half as many now plan to have children. Both women and men, in equal numbers, felt that way, yet their reasons are different, according to Baby Bust author, Stewart D. Friedman. Whereas millennial women, at least at Wharton in 1992, felt “motherhood fulfilled their need to help others” more now believe that they can serve the greater good by succeeding at work. On the other hand, for millennial men, “doing good” is increasingly connected to creating greater balance and harmony between work and family. They have become more egalitarian… Read More

Tips for Millennials That Can Help Us All Succeed At Work

“Experts expect that constantly connected teens and young adults thirst for instant gratification and often make quick, shallow choices,” according to Pew Research Center, cited by Shawn Murphy, so “you’ll need to work hard to get your work noticed for what it is,” he concludes. Characterizing that trait in another way, Marcus Buckingham writes in his foreward to Dan Schawbel’s new book, Promote Yourself, “Gen Y are accustomed to constant, immediate feedback.” Millennials May Cause The Biggest Shifts in How Organizations Operate Since so many people are offering strong, often controversial, opinions about Millennials at work it’s a welcome relief to… Read More

Want to Make Your Company Top-of-Mind and Your Employees Proud?

Even with the priceless brand-building glow enjoyed by a few celebrity CEOs like Richard Branson and Tony Hsiehisn’t it strange that so few CEOs attempt the same success? Odder still, few companies tap the scalable, brand-building power of their employees. In fact, it may be their biggest missed opportunity in our increasingly connected yet complex era. Four More Reasons Employees are Key to Reputation and Sales 1. 41% of us believe employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business. “Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder,” according to Edelman’s 2013… Read More

Speed Your Company’s Social Transformation From the Inside Out

See how you can move your organization more swiftly towards social, by adapting one or more of the approaches that I heard at the BusinessNext t conference I co-hosted with Mark Fidelman. This column (which appears, in full length in my Quotable and Connected Forbes column) is co-authored by a valued colleague and friend, social enterprise strategist, Andy Jankowski. “If HP only knew what HP knows,” former HP executive Lew Platt once famously said. Now that enterprise social software can spur companywide, transparent sharing and collaboration, there’s no excuse. In fact, providing employees with easy and obvious ways to learn faster together… Read More