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The Gift That Evokes Tears, Laughter and Most Everything in Between

Toby Nun, surgeon, Iraq, bloggerFew people grow up and stay in the same town all their lives, with the same friends and family members just a short drive away. We meet people at college. We jump around in our jobs. Settle down. Life flies by. For many of us, our dearest friends are not down the street.

Yet we want to keep them close. One of the most popular ways we can share the news of what’s happening in our lives with those we hold dear is online scrapbooking – with others or are in our hearts yet far away. You have many ways to share photos, video vignettes and your thoughts and stories with others – without the whole world seeing them.

What a gift – to co-create such scrapbooks for a friend’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary celebration, your club’s annual party – and more.

Among my favorite online helpers are Scrapblog, Dandelife, Story of My Life, Multiply and MyFamily.

Yet one of the first and most user-friendly (asks questions to get you going) is OurStory. It enables you to keep “a lifelong interactive timeline” with others.” It was founded by Andy Halliday. In this podcast Andy describes ways you can collaborate with others to celebrate the poignant and the triumphant chapters of your life stories together.

What if more people, so far away from home this holiday, were being celebrated with a tribute from those who know them best? For those your admire and love, more than anything you could buy in a store, give the gift that evokes tears, laughter and most everything in between. Start now with Tribbit.

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  1. Posted December 14, 2007 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    Glad to see you’re keeping up with the podcasts.

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