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They Succeeded by Attracting Other’s Participation, And You Can Too

Grow your business faster by finding the sweet spot of mutual benefit that motivates others to support your success. Peruse 135 real-life examples to find one to adapt to your kind of work.  From customer-designed products to near-instant group help 

during a crisis to sharing self-tracked health results to requesting user-created demos – discover fresh ways to reward other’s involvement.  Some of my favorites on this “best ever” list are TomTomUshahidi and ideablob.  

Anjali Ramachandran, a Many by Many strategist, crowdsourced the creating of this valuable list.  Perhaps your inspired version will soon be added to it.  Hat tip to Marshall Kirkpatrick for coverage of this story that’s going viral.   Crowdsourcing is growing increasingly popular because it brings down overhead costs while bringing in customers .  Attract and keep more clients by co-creating with them a community that matters to them.

Update: car pool the easy way, getting connected with a trusted person online.  Yes, I discovered another practical crowdsourcing service. Share a car ride by finding a match in trip need via Zimride  – at their site or at Facebook. Enter where you are and your destination, then get an email alert when a match happens.

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