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Turn Towards That Stranger and Smile

I admit it.  Many times I avert my gaze when walking down gritty Market Street in S.F.  Yet  – from the talking pay phone to the crying hydrant  – this anthropomorphic, animated short film made me 

re-think my habit.  We are strangers to each other, trapsing swiftly down the street, looking in the middle distance as we pass. The revelation in Carolyn London’s thread of vignettes is the resilience 

and pride of overlooked tribes in New York.  A universal story of hope. And, in our tech-connected world where we have less direct contact with each other or nature, we are diminishing our humanity without occasionally looking directly at each other, even strangers.  Your warm smile at that passing stranger may startle him, yet it may also cause him to smile at some other stranger a block further down.

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