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What’s the key to a meaningful life you can savor with others?

It is the moment when people see your best side.

That’s most likely to happen when you really click with a person or situation. Conversely a bad reaction can quickly spiral down into conflict, even enmity.

What’s the most likely way for someone to see you at your best? It is when you bring out their top talent and temperament. That’s when that person is most likely to see and support yours.

That’s when they say, “I like the way I am when I am around you.”  

Jack Nicholson famously said a variation of this effect “You make me want to be a better man.”

The result?  Together you become happier and higher-performing. Then you are able to accomplish something greater than you could alone. This life-affirming concept is buttressed by research and, for me, observing and interviewing hundreds of people as a journalist. It’s my motivation for writing this blog.

In addition to the examples you find here, to accomplish more and savor your life – with others, see the Brafman’s five ways to choose to connect well with others in their new book, Click.

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  1. Michael Yanakiev
    Posted May 5, 2010 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    A great and very human post! Things are superbly spelled out and very little can be added to
    the main ideas discussed. It is in a way a second, visiting card of Kare Anderson. She has the magic ability to make us try to be better men (Jack Nicholson). In this context I would like to quote the following story: An Arabic ruler was preparing himself to go to war .He called in his adviser:- “ I want you to take my wife and chain her into the tower.” –he ordered.
    -“But she loves you your Majesty!”-exclaimed the old man.
    – “I love her also, but we the Arabs have a old saying, that states :” Hold your dog hungry and it will follow you . Feed him and he will byte your hand.”
    So the ruler returned after 6 months. He called in the adviser and said that he wanted to see his wife. –“She left you’ – said the adviser. – Your Majesty cited a interesting saying before he left, but we the Arabs have another one, which You have probably forgotten: “If your dog is chained, it will follow any one, who frees him.”

  2. Posted May 5, 2010 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    An inspiring thought, nicely put, Kare – I love how succinct it is, makes it more memorable.

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