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Who Are Your Heroes – And Why?

Who are your heroes?  To me they are those who create ways we can accomplish more together than on own. They bring out our best sides.  A positively mutually-reinforcing effect. We are more likely to spiral up into great accomplishment together rather than down into conflict. We’re more likely to go to dinner together rather than to war. For starters look how a small firm and five volunteers  (kudos to Fuad Ta’eed, Collis Ta’eed, Leo Babauta, Easton Ellsworth and Cyan Ta’eed) attracted a legion of participants on this blog action day to spotlight poverty.  They embody the Me2We approach to leveraging value – with others.Painting others as villains seldom helps. The truly extraordinary heroes don’t escalate “us vs. them” situations.  Instead they draw their rivals closer, sometimes even turning them into allies or a team.  In a post-American world that trait will take us farthest in alleviating poverty.That’s why some of my heroes on this “Poverty” day are Jeff Skoll, Anna Deavere Smith, Jack Kornfeld, Habiba Sarabi, Larry Brilliant and Paul Hawkin.  Here’s to kickstarting your method for enabling others to do better together.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprung up.”

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